The world of Oceania has always been a world of change. From the time of Ice when the northen ice caps melted and swolowed most of the land, right up until only 50 years ago when the shadowfell claimed much of the lands of free confedaration of nations (FCN).

The Free Confedaration of Nations: (now “The shadow lands”) What was once the heart of the elven empire, that broke apart about 2500 years ago, became the FCN. The FCN was formed by: Two human lands of “Modikan” and “Kia-tan”. The jungle lands of the lizardmen “Kroa’bush” The Dwarven homelands “Mordan” The elven isles of “Hiberniar” and the small colection of islands that where home to the Halflins known by a hundred names such as: Borakan, Clifton, Bil’forth, Filtions, Mikanos and many others. Then came the time of darkness when 3 young monks from Kia-tan failed to stop an ancient vampire from opening a portal into the shadowfell and vomiting up undeath in to the real world. Almost all of the FCN was completly chushed under a tide of undead and perpetual darkness, with only the elevn homland of Hiberniar, its ancient magical defences from a time before human history began, keeping the island safe. What is left of the FCN now resides in the far north as the Free Peoples Confedaration (FPC) where it struggles to survive on the edge of the Black Empire.

Sorcica: Far to the south are the frozen lands of the Sorcicans. Home to Humans and many other races only seen in these frozen tundra. Split into hundreds of small “kingdoms” each ruled by a King or Lord and his body of Carls (an elite fighting force). Sorcery and Chaos magic are common as all Lords no matter how powerful need some workers of magic (if only to protect them from their enemys magic users).

The Pirate isles: Thousands of small islands that make a loose confedaration of Pirate lords who have raided the islands of Sorcica and the FCN (as was) for the last 1000 years or more. One of these Pirate lord is elected as a king for life…however short that may be.

These few islands of light in a massavie sea of darkness struggle to hold back the ever-night and the horrors that lurk there in.